Redwood Bridge Club and San Diego Bridge Academy are closed effective Friday, March 13 due to the coronavirus and will remain closed until further notice. The state public health experts have determined that gatherings should be postponed or canceled across the state indefinitely. We will monitor this situation and advise you when the club will reopen. Until that time Stay Healthy!

Redwood Bridge Club Members: I am happy and proud to announce that our Club has again stepped up with significant donations to the Alzheimer's Association for the Longest Day, even in this difficult time of pandemic.

Longest Day web link "Bridge in the Park"    $ 3,800
Anonymous donor to local Alzheimer's          $ 5,000
Saturday's Longest Day online games            $    116
Donations via mailed checks                            $     95

Grand Total of Generous Donations                $ 9,011

Many, many thanks to all who participated and donated to this very important cause. Bridge is a social exercise of the mind and contributes to a healthy lifestyle which is a critical factor in fighting against Alzheimer's, and our donations are a huge help in the fight.

Mary F Platter-Rieger

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