Our Games

In order to return to Redwood Bridge Club, all players must show proof of being fully vaccinated. There will be no admittance without a COVID-Vaccination Card or facsimile. We are also asking for reservations for all ACBL games.

All games include fresh ground coffee and tea. Sodas and bottled water are available for $1. For the time being, no snacks will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own.

For ACBL sanctioned games, the cost to play is $10 for Redwood Bridge Club members and $12 for non-members and includes pre-duplicated boards and hand records.
For casual non-sanctioned games, the cost is $5 for members and $10 for non-members.Membership is $25/year. Thanks to our Bridgemates all scoring is done electronically.

All games are friendly. Zero Tolerance is always enforced.

Need a partner? Head over to the partnership desk

Complete Schedule of Live In-Person Redwood Bridge Club Games

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:30 am ACBL Sanctioned Open
Game Signup
ACBL Sanctioned 0-300
Game Signup
ACBL Sanctioned 0-1000
Game Signup
10:30 am Casual Duplicate
Casual Game (starts 8/3) ACBL Sanctioned Games
0-300 Game Signup
Open Game Signup
Casual Game Survey
12:00 pm Casual Game (starts 8/3) Casual Duplicate
Casual Game Survey ACBL Sanctioned Open Game
Game Signup
6:30 pm ACBL Sanctioned Open Game
Game Signup
Game Survey Game Survey Game Survey Game Survey Game Survey