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Virtual Bridge Lesson Procedures

Class Format
Payment for Classes

Virtual Class Format

Please Read Carefully

The Lecture/Discussion will happen on Zoom in my virtual bridge classroom and play of hands will occur on bridgebase.com. All students must do two things in advance of lesson:

1. Zoom: Classroom will open at 12:45 pm. Please use the following link to join meeting. Lecture will start promptly at 1:00 pm.

         Link to Zoom Classroom
         Meeting ID: 879 4963 5446
         Passcode: 966881

2. Bridgebase.com: Register for class with a partner or if single register at the partnership desk for the play portion of the class. The class will be scheduled to start at 1:30 pm. This is just an approximate start time. The play portion of the class will start immediately after the lecture. Registration begins at 11:30 am.

Singles: Everyone plays. Singles are always welcome. Please register for play portion of class at the partnership desk on Bridge Base. If you are the only single you will partner with a robot. To minimize the number of robots in the class, please sign up at the partnership desk, do not pair yourself up with a robot unless I ask you to.

Technical Difficulties: During class I will have limited ability to help any single student with technical difficulties as I am unable to teach a class while trouble shooting an individual's problem. I must pay attention to what the class is doing and keep the entire class engaged. I apologize for this, but it is one of the limitations teaching virtually.

Feedback: Teaching virtually is extremely challenging. Your feedback each week is invaluable, both positive and negative. Please continue to provide me with feedback as to what you enjoyed about the lesson and what you did not like so I can continue to improve lessons.

Registering for a virtual bridge class on Bridge Base

All virtual classes are hosted under the bridgebase.com username davwal64

Sign up on bridge base between 11:30 am - 1:00 pm the same day of the class

First time attendees MUST meet on Zoom 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the first class for a tutorial on how to participate

Finding the class on Bridge Base

        • Log in to Bridge Base

        • Choose Competitive

        • Choose Free Tournaments. There will be a long list of free tournaments.

        • The easiest way to find my class is to use the search feature above the list of events (upper right)

        • Type in davwal64, and my event will pop up

        • My events will always be labeled SDBA/Redwood

Blocked from registering

        • To register for a class you must be on my (davwal64) bridge base include list or you will be blocked
          from registering.

        • If you are blocked, please call me ASAP 619-298-5756.

Payment for Class

You will no longer pay for my classes through Bridge Base. The registration process will not charge your BBO$ account. When making a payment, please clearly state date and time of class to help me track payments. If you are not going to pay the same day, please send me an e-mail to let me know how payment will arrive.

I will offer three different ways to pay for my virtual classes.

VENMO: My preference for payment is with VENMO. If you pay with a debit card or through your bank account you will not be charged a fee and the transaction is free for both parties. Be careful paying with a credit card as credit card fees are involved. VENMO charges users a fee when paying with a credit card. Sometimes your credit card will also charge you a fee as they consider this a cash advance transaction. Payment is made to David-Walters-154

Paypal: You can pay me through Paypal. Payment is made to davwal@yahoo.com. Please add $1 when paying through paypal for fees paypal charges me as a business providing a service.

Snail Mail: I will also accept payment by check. Please send payment to
          David Walters
          3620 3rd Ave. Unit 311
          San Diego, CA 92103