Cyber Lesson Friday 1:00 pm

David Walters will be teaching virtual bridge classes every Friday at 1:00 pm. These classes are a combination of lecture/discussion on Zoom and play of hands on Bridge Base. Please go to About Virtual Classes prior to taking a class for important details on virtual lessons. Cost will be $15 per class.

Upcoming Classes and Lecture Files

10/02/2020     Bidding Balanced Hands     Bidding Balanced Hands

09/25/2020     Categorize Your Strength     Categorize Your Strength

09/18/2020     Closeout Bids     Closeout Bids

09/11/2020     Describer/Decider     Describer/Decider

09/04/2020     Notrump and Distribution: When do you need a balanced hand to bid notrump?     Balanced Distribution

08/25/2020     Notrump and Distribution     Notrump and Stoppers

08/18/2020     Take Out Doubles     Take Out Doubles